realtor-offerBuying a home is one of the most important financial decisions people make in their lives. Why would you leave it up to chance and a pretty picture? The home buying process is very personal on every level and you want to go through that process with someone you can trust. Even better, someone you actually enjoy spending time with. The whole process begins by choosing the right Realtor® that fits your unique personality/needs. You will be spending a lot of time and energy with this person for the next 30-45 days with the goal of finding your new home. Make sure it’s with someone you like.

My biggest tip is that more isn’t always better. What do I mean by that??? Well let’s say you’re hungry and decide to go out to eat. You get to a restaurant that has a menu as big as Webster’s dictionary. There are soooo many choices and you want to make sure you don’t have food envy so you have a mental battle as to what to order and secretly pray no one else at the table orders anything that looks better than yours. Right?! The same can be true when picking out a house to see with your agent. Too many choices leaves you feeling overwhelmed and sometimes they all seem to blur together.

The right agent will ask questions about what is most important to you in your new home and narrow down the large selection to the ones that fit your needs. That’s why it’s important to pick a Realtor® that you are compatible with and really understands what is important to you. I always tell my clients that I can find houses that fit your needs but only YOU will get that special feeling in your stomach when you see your new home. I recommend taking pics of the things that you like or at least jotting down notes as you go through the different houses. You will know when it’s the right one because it actually feels like home.

Here are some things your Realtor® will ask you regarding your new home search:

  1. What price point are you comfortable with? What would you like your total monthly payment to be?
  2. What area are you looking to buy in?
  3. How many bedrooms/baths do you need?
  4. What are the most important things to you for your new home?

Good luck finding your new home! And remember, the right Realtor® will make all the difference.