Myth: I Don’t Need a Realtor® to Buy a New Construction Home

Myth: I Don’t Need a Realtor® to Buy a New Construction Home

Many buyers interested in new construction homes believe they don’t need a Realtor. While you may not be legally obligated to hire an agent, having an experienced Realtor will increase the likelihood of a favorable outcome. Here’s why you should hire an agent when buying a new construction home:

You need a professional who’s on your side
When buying a new construction home, many buyers assume using the builder’s representative instead of a real estate agent is a smart move. They believe this will save them money. This is a myth; it’s always better to hire a Realtor that will represent you, not the seller. The builder’s representative works in the best interest of the builder— not you, the buyer. That’s why it’s especially critical to hire your own agent, who is legally obligated to protect you and your best interests.

Increase your bargaining power
A Realtor’s job isn’t only to connect you to your ideal home; they’re also there to help you get the best price for the property and the best rate for your mortgage. Seasoned Realtors are masters of negotiation. When you’re ready to pull the trigger on a property, your agent will help you come up with the best offer price and negotiate with the builder’s representative to get you the most favorable terms. Your agent may also be able to help you get a better mortgage rate by suggesting the most appropriate financing options.

Buying a new home is more complex than you think
No matter what kind of home you buy, the process is complex.  Work alone and you’ll likely be in over your head. Having a reliable Realtor on your side can make all the difference; the home buying process will be less stressful and more enjoyable. And, without an agent, you could make a mistake that hinders the process, or worse— costs you your dream home. From working with title companies to overseeing inspections, your agent will be by your side every step of the way.

For the best representation, choose a Realtor who has experience with new construction homes and is compatible with your personality. Having an experienced agent who understands you and your needs will make the home buying experience go more smoothly. Unlike other real estate apps, MySoldMate matches buyers to their ideal Realtor using proprietary personality testing. When you have the right Realtor on your side, great things can happen!

Match with a Realtor®

realtor-offerBuying a home is one of the most important financial decisions people make in their lives. Why would you leave it up to chance and a pretty picture? The home buying process is very personal on every level and you want to go through that process with someone you can trust. Even better, someone you actually enjoy spending time with. The whole process begins by choosing the right Realtor® that fits your unique personality/needs. You will be spending a lot of time and energy with this person for the next 30-45 days with the goal of finding your new home. Make sure it’s with someone you like.

My biggest tip is that more isn’t always better. What do I mean by that??? Well let’s say you’re hungry and decide to go out to eat. You get to a restaurant that has a menu as big as Webster’s dictionary. There are soooo many choices and you want to make sure you don’t have food envy so you have a mental battle as to what to order and secretly pray no one else at the table orders anything that looks better than yours. Right?! The same can be true when picking out a house to see with your agent. Too many choices leaves you feeling overwhelmed and sometimes they all seem to blur together.

The right agent will ask questions about what is most important to you in your new home and narrow down the large selection to the ones that fit your needs. That’s why it’s important to pick a Realtor® that you are compatible with and really understands what is important to you. I always tell my clients that I can find houses that fit your needs but only YOU will get that special feeling in your stomach when you see your new home. I recommend taking pics of the things that you like or at least jotting down notes as you go through the different houses. You will know when it’s the right one because it actually feels like home.

Here are some things your Realtor® will ask you regarding your new home search:

  1. What price point are you comfortable with? What would you like your total monthly payment to be?
  2. What area are you looking to buy in?
  3. How many bedrooms/baths do you need?
  4. What are the most important things to you for your new home?

Good luck finding your new home! And remember, the right Realtor® will make all the difference.

I lost my dream home…Why everyone needs a Realtor before they buy!

realtor and home buyersIf you’re in the market for a new home, you may be considering going about your search without a Realtor®. The internet has made it easier for prospective buyers to locate and view available properties, and omitting an agent from the sale means incurring no commission costs.


Reason #1: Realtors® Make the Experience Stress-free

Perhaps, you’ve had bad luck with real estate agents in the past. Maybe the agent persuaded you to jump on a house you weren’t in love with, or your personalities just clashed. Fortunately, this time around you can use MySoldMate to get matched with the right Realtor®. Think of it as a dating website but for Realtors® and home buyers and sellers. Similar to a dating site, MySoldMate members fill out a personality questionnaire and are matched to the Realtor® that best fits their needs and personality. With the right Realtor®, the home buying experience will be simpler, less stressful and even fun!

Reason #2: Realtors® Know What They’re Doing

The home buying process is far more complex and time-consuming that you’ve likely imagined. It involves a variety of steps that occur concurrently, making it difficult for the average person to keep up. Having an experienced agent who you’re compatible with will ensure you don’t make a simple mistake that could end up costing you your dream home. A Realtor’s® job involves much more than connecting their clients to available homes that meet their needs and budget. They’re also tasked with researching projected utility costs, housing comps and zoning laws; making sure you know to get pre-approved; helping you get a better deal on your mortgage; arranging the necessary inspections; and seeing that you make it to the closing table.

Reason #3: Realtors® Have Valuable Connections  

One of the biggest perks of hiring a Realtor® is their profound expertise and valuable connections. Realtors® have the resources needed to find the property you’ve been envisioning. While a DIY-buyer can search home listings online, the buyer who uses an agent will have access to homes that aren’t even on the market yet. Not only do Realtors® have connections with other agents, but also they have relationships with anyone who can help with the home buying process, including home inspectors, attorneys, contractors and mortgage brokers.

Reason #4: Realtors® Follow a Strict Code of Ethics

Real estate agents who have the Realtor® designation belong to the National Association of Realtors®, the largest trade association for real estate agents, and must adhere to the highest level of ethical standards. The Code of Ethics is stricter than the standards of ordinary licensed agents. Realtors® must also maintain a higher level of knowledge of buying and selling and treat all parties in transactions honestly and fairly. All of the agents on MySoldMate have the Realtor® designation, so you can trust you are working with the best of the best.

As you can see, there are numerous benefits to working with a Realtor®. To find a Realtor® that’s compatible with your personality and needs, visit!